Read Our Blog to Learn More About Meeting Challenges as You Expand Your Foreign Business in Russia

Out-of-country businesses often run into challenges when opening offices, joining business partners, or incorporating in Russia. Use the important information in our blog to learn more about the problems you may face and how to get experienced, full-service legal help with your concerns.

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  • Categories of Foreign Employees Working in Russia Foreign employees may fall under one of several categories for work permit and hiring purposes. Employers must correctly categorize their workers.
  • Termination of Employment Contracts in Russia Employers must understand the process for cancelling an employment agreement set forth in the Russian Labor Code to protect themselves from employee lawsuits.
  • Labor Disputes in Russia Labor disputes in Russia may be classified as either collective or individual and the process for resolving each type is different. We explain the options here.
  • Special Economic Zones in Russia Understanding the regulations governing special economic zones in Russia can allow your business to take advantage of tax-saving opportunities.
  • Purchasing of Land by Foreigners in Russia Foreign citizens are permitted to buy land plots in Russia, but certain exceptions apply. Learn about the exceptions to the land purchase code here.
  • Contractual Relationships in Russia When establishing contracts between parties, it is important to understand the civil laws that apply to contracts in Russia. A contract lawyer can be helpful.
  • Employers Must Inform Employees of Internal Regulations Russian law requires that new employees be informed of internal company regulations before beginning work and that all employees are informed of any changes.
  • Bankruptcy From the Standpoint of a Creditor When a contractor owes you money but has declared bankruptcy, you can file a claim under his bankruptcy proceeding to try to get a share of the settlement.
  • Importation of Goods Into the Russian Federation When importing goods into Russia, the laws under the Customs Code must be carefully adhered to. Failing to understand the laws could result in penalties.
  • Transfer Price Regulations in Russia Beginning in 2012, new rules went into effect to regulate transactions between related companies doing business in Russia. Learn about the rules here.