Get Skilled And Efficient Help With Your International Business Real Estate Needs In Russia

Although much has changed about the real estate laws of the Russian Federation in the last few decades, including many changes that may make foreign transactions easier, there are still many challenges that remain for international businesses. For European or American companies whose operations rely on their ability to buy, lease, or invest in real estate in the Russian Federation, it often makes sense to move beyond their in-house legal counsel and look for an attorney with local expertise.

If you need guidance through your company’s real estate needs in Russia, Jus Privatum is prepared to assist you. Our law firm offers skilled support to international businesses from our convenient offices in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Dusseldorf. We focus on providing excellent service and an individual approach to each client we work with, and we make sure that businesses understand and are prepared for every challenge that may arise.

Understanding Concerns About Commercial Real Estate in Russia

Unsurprisingly to most companies outside of Russia, “real estate” consists of land, structures, construction projects, and similar assets that are inseparable from the land. However, there is much about real estate law in Russia that may differ radically from what most foreign companies are used to in their home markets. Foreign legal entities should understand that:

  • There are detailed requirements involved in Russian real estate transactions, and they are subject to change. The Land Code of October 2001 brought significant reform to issues of property rights and land ownership, and there have been several major changes and adjustments since then. The Land Code, the Civil Code, and other rules and regulations that affect real estate transactions currently include complicated requirements, and new legal decisions continue to change the process for foreign businesses and legal entities of all kinds.
  • Land and buildings are treated differently under existing Russian real estate laws. In Russia, structures and the land they are located on are separate legal interests, meaning that the rights to a building and the land underneath it may be owned by different parties. As Russian Civil Code reform continues, this may change. However, for the time being, it is an important consideration for foreign businesses looking at the Russian real estate market.
  • Issues with state registration can become significant challenges. State registration is required for all real estate transactions, and failing to take the proper steps can come with consequences. To make it even more challenging, any disputes over registration issues can generally only be resolved in court or through arbitration.

Although this is hardly an exhaustive list of what international businesses should be prepared for, it should offer some insight into why legal help and skilled consultation becomes necessary in so many Russian real estate transactions. Fortunately, however, it does not have to be difficult for foreign businesses to get comprehensive assistance.

How Jus Privatum Can Help Foreign Businesses With Real Estate Transactions

Real estate and property issues become a part of business transactions of many different kinds, and those issues may sometimes become urgent during planning, negotiation, acquisition, and other points in the process. The Russian real estate attorneys with Jus Privatum have the skill and expertise to help mid-size foreign businesses and large international corporations at each stage of all kinds of real estate transactions, including:

  • Purchasing land
  • Purchasing buildings and structures
  • Obtaining development rights
  • Leasing arrangements
  • Mortgage agreements
  • Rights transfers and other transactions
  • Dispute resolution

Protect your corporate plans in the Russian market by getting skilled assistance from a local law firm with international experience. Jus Privatum provides comprehensive legal services for foreign companies hoping to succeed in Russia, and we would be happy to help you get the answers you need about your international real estate concerns. You can reach a knowledgeable member of our team today by  or calling any one of our three offices to discuss your needs.