Our Russian Business Law Firm Provides International Businesses Access To Highly Qualified Legal Translators

Like most companies that operate outside their home country, international companies in Russia know that their official documents need to be translated precisely and in accordance with stringent legal standards in order to serve their full purpose. Jus Privatum law firm also understands this need for quality translation services and operates a bureau of professional translators to specifically serve our international corporate clients. We serve medium- and large-size foreign businesses from a wide range of industries, and our translators are prepared to use their expertise to render clear translations of many kinds of legal, financial and administrative documentation for businesses. If your business is in need of professional translation services in Russia, we encourage you to contact our Russian or German offices to discuss your needs in more detail.

Our Russian Legal Translators Are Carefully Chosen for Their Experience and Expertise

Our translation bureau is made up of translators who have a perfect command of English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. Many of our translators are lawyers in addition to being accomplished linguists. Our translators are intimately familiar with legal language and industry-specific terminology, and they offer a strong understanding of the social, political, financial and legal environments that impact the precise translation of company documentation. The expertise of our legal translators in Russia means that foreign companies and investors can rest assured that their documentation will be prepared with care and accuracy, allowing an exchange of information that goes beyond the language barrier.

Along with these translation services, our skilled attorneys in Russia are also available to support business clients and provide assistance in preparing, organizing and certifying appropriate documentation for foreign legal entities.

We Guarantee Complete and Accurate Russian Translation of Business Documentation

With the guidance and experience of our corporate attorneys, our Russian legal translators can provide accurate translation of official documents for businesses, including translations of:

  • Laws and regulations
  • Patent applications
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Certificates and licenses
  • Employment and immigration documentation
  • Leases and real-estate documentation
  • Court documents and judicial opinions
  • Grant proposals
  • Powers of attorney
  • Other official company documents

Upon request, we can provide notarization of the translated documents. We can also arrange for legalization and apostillization of documents intended for use abroad. We guarantee that all documents and information received in connection with translation assignments will be kept in the strictest confidence. If you have questions about the translation services and legal support we provide, don’t hesitate to contact our offices directly.

Contact Our Business Law Firm to Discuss Your Russian Legal Translation Needs

Skilled translation of legal, financial, and administrative documents is an important concern for international businesses and investors of all kinds. If you need precise and reliable translation support as you operate a business or set up a company in the Russian Federation, we can help. Contact Jus Privatum today to discuss your translation needs in more detail and learn about the services and legal support we provide. You can reach us by calling any one of our three convenient office locations, or you may  for a prompt response to your inquiries.