Our Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Russian Business Formation

Doing Business in Russia: An Introduction for International Partners and Investors

Russia is a thriving industrial country with many business opportunities for international investors and companies from around the world. Whether you are opening a branch office, starting a new company, or considering another type of business investment, the skilled Russian business formation attorneys with Jus Privatum can provide the insider tips, legal guidance, and essential information that help make your foreign investment a success.

We have helped a many companies with the business formation process in Russia and we know the first step is always the hardest for our clients; finding reliable information on the process, and where to start when you are considering opening a company in Russia. That is why we have created a comprehensive guide on understanding business formation in Russia.

Order your free copy of our book, Doing Business in Russia: An Introduction for International Partners and Investors. Written by our Moscow-based attorneys, this complete guide covers a wide range of topics for international investors and businesses who are planning a move to Russia, including important information about:

  • Business development in Russia and the country’s interest in forming an economic alliance with the West
  • International business relationships and foreign investment operations
  • Real estate regulations for owning and leasing business properties in Russia
  • Employment regulations, visa policies, and worker immigration guidelines
  • Asset control regulations, import/export laws, currency exchange, intellectual property laws, and more information about what an international business can own and distribute
  • Tax, tariff, and government revenue collection policies
  • Options for business conflict resolution

With the right information and calculated determination, you can successfully invest in Russia’s—as well as your own—economic future. We hope our book will provide you with the information you need to begin your new business ventures with confidence.

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