Solutions For International Companies Facing Litigation And Business Disputes In Russia

For international businesses in the Russian Federation, avoiding costly litigation—or getting a fair outcome in court—may depend on their ability to resolve problems both skillfully and with consideration for their unique needs. The corporate consultants with the Jus Privatum law firm offer extensive knowledge of the law and regulations that affect international businesses in Russia, and we are skilled in successfully guiding our clients through complicated business disputes. Whether you need robust representation immediately or simply need help understanding what to expect from potential litigation, our attorneys are prepared to help your business succeed.

How Our Russian Business Litigation Attorneys Help Foreign Businesses Resolve Disputes

Jus Privatum has quickly become one of the leading law firms for businesses in the Russian Federation. We offer international and local expertise in corporate matters, and our attorneys are prepared to handle a wide range of business disputes and related issues, including:

  • Actions for the collection of monetary funds
  • Recovery of damages, including actual losses and lost profit
  • Compensation of moral harm
  • Defamatory cases
  • Disputes relating to real estate in the Russian Federation
  • Contract changes
  • Performance of obligations
  • Rights of ownership
  • Financial matters and bankruptcy

However, sometimes the best way to resolve a conflict is to take informed steps to avoid potential litigation. If there are alternative solutions available in your case, our litigation attorneys can help you explore those solutions. No matter what the needs of your business may be, Jus Privatum focuses on offering experienced guidance and an individual approach, from beginning to end.

Pre-Trial Settlements and Agreements

Many business disputes in Russia are more effectively settled out of court, avoiding a needless waste of both time and money. The attorneys with Jus Privatum are skilled negotiators and bring expertise in mediation, arbitration, and alternative solutions for international businesses. We aim to resolve conflicts amicably and reach pre-trial settlements on behalf of our clients, while remaining prepared for litigation if alternative conflict resolution is not possible.

Evaluation and Investigation of Litigation Prospects

Careful planning helps ensure success in business disputes. If a matter must advance into court proceedings, our litigation consultants begin by:

  • Thoroughly evaluating each detail involved in the dispute
  • Gathering evidence to support our clients’ claims
  • Drafting and filing all necessary documents

Our attorneys also understand that a personal touch matters. We make sure our clients understand the issues that affect their cases, the legal details involved, and what to expect from litigation—all in layman’s terms that anyone can understand.

Representation in Matters of Business Litigation

International businesses need vigorous legal representation when conflicts escalate into litigation actions. Disputes regarding business activity in the Russian Federation are heard before the state arbitrazh courts, which are also sometimes referred to as commercial courts. There are both challenges and benefits to resolving disputes through the arbitrazh courts, but one of the major advantages is that cases are considered very quickly after application.

The attorneys with Jus Privatum skillfully represent international business clients in Russian civil suits, and we focus our full attention on securing a fair outcome for each of our clients. Once a dispute has successfully resolved, our corporate attorneys can also continue to support business clients in matters of enforcement.

Call Today to Discuss Your Options for Success in Matters of Dispute Resolution and Litigation

When you need detailed knowledge of Russian law, clear guidance on settling business disputes, and real results from a legal representative who truly understands the needs of your international business, reach out to Jus Privatum. No matter where your home office is located, our corporate attorneys are prepared to use their extensive experience in the Russian legal system to help you solve potential problems. If your business needs immediate assistance with a Russian civil suit, you can contact one of our three convenient offices directly—or you can simply fill out the online contact form on this page for a prompt response to your questions and concerns.